We cocreate tomorrow's student hazing and welcome rituals.

Het grote doopdebat is a participatory project in which students, the educational institutions, STAN and the city of Antwerp work together as partners and engage stakeholders in a dialogue about student rituals such as hazing and to co-create the principles and conditions under which these welcoming rituals can take place. 

Between now and the end of May 2022, we will work in different phases to create a unifying and inspiring framework around student welcoming rituals. During that time, students, clubs and schools will be supported in all kinds of ways to conduct the debate and collect ideas. You will find those opinions and ideas on this website. 

The result is an inspirational welcoming rituals guide with the best practices, agreements and ideas of students (clubs), which you will be able to find here. You will also be able to use this platform to make recommendations for the Antwerp hazingcharter. 

The goals 

The aim of this project is to arrive at a more nuanced view of welcoming rituals and to give students the opportunity to voice their opinions and to participate in a dialogue. But also to use the collected inspiration to create a supported and co-created framework for student welcoming rituals. So that we in Antwerp can establish an open and unifying hazing climate that on the one hand builds on centuries of tradition and at the same time is calibrated to our time.


The project in phases 

November 21-January 22

Everything on the table!

February and March 22

How can we shape it?

  • we bring all the results together in a central final debate
  • we co create the principles and conditions for good student rituals
  • we refine the ideas together
  • we offer online support in the form of co creation tools
  • we organise meetups and workshops

April and May 22

Inspiration guide and feedback

  • we finalise the inspiration hazing guide and present the result
  • we collect feedback on the hazing charter
  • we offer support in making new found student rituals sustainable

Come back to discover the next steps!